Welcome to Noida Entrepreneurs Association

It is a matter of great pleasure and pride for all of us that the Web Site ? NEA ONLINE is being launched on the occasion of completing 33rd glorious year of the existence of NOIDA ENTREPRENEURS ASSOCIATION.


This Web-site will reflect the new leadership and new horizon for our Association. As we all know that in this era of fast communication INTERNET has become a necessity for today?s business and it is pre-requisite for achieving our goals which are ever growing in this competitive world of business.Our aim is to benefit the members not only at the local level but at the national and international level also.

Right from the beginning, NEA has been trying to bridge the gap between its member-industries and Government bodies and we are determined to further eliminate this gap. This step will undoubtedly access the information faster, communicate and put forth in a swift and efficient manner.

We request all the members of Association to visit us ONLINE and make it a part of your business communication and use this as a tool to comunicate and convey all your issues,problems and suggestions effectively.

We would further like to thanks all our members of the Association, particularly the Committee/Members who have continuously been devoting their valuable time and suggestions for the cause of Noida Entrepreneurs Association and for the all-round development of Industries in Noida.

With Regards,

Vipin Malhan

V.K. Seth
Secretary General