Noida Entrepreneurs Association (NEA)
Noida Entrepreneurs Association is one of the pioneer Associations in UP. Its office is situated at B-110/A, Sec. 6, Noida. Having registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860,(Registered on 4th May, 1978 with S.No.9286 of 1978), it has been functioning since 1978. It is a unique Association of Noida based industries representing more than 6000 Small and Medium Industries. Besides the team of 12 Office Bearers including President and Secretary General, there is an Executive Committee of 58 Members taken from all the Sectors proportionately according to the membership strength in each sector. All the Office Bearers and EC members are elected by conducting election every year through a democratic method. Membership of NEA is growing day-by-day parallel to the development of Noida. NEA take up the cause of Industries at all forums very effectively and successfully. The Association has its link with various Associations like PHD , FICCI, CII, and ASSOCHEM etc. We further define our Association :
  • (a)The Association means”Noida Entrepreneurs Association”, having its Registered Office situated at B-110/A, Sec.6, Noida Gautambudh Nagar, UP.
  • (b)“The Member” means a member of any category for the time being whose name appears in the Register of Members and who has not ceased to be a member by virtue of any articles of these Rules.
  • (c)The “Act” means the “Societies Registration Act, 1860.
  • (d) The “These Presents” means the “Rules & Regulations of theAssociation”.
  • (e) The words imparting the masculine gender shall also include feminine gender and vice versa, the words imparting the singular number shall also include bodies corporate.
  • (f)The “General Body” means the members of Association present at a duly constituted general body meeting.
  • (g) The “Year” means the financial year beginning from 1st April and ending on 31st March.

This Website reflects the new leadership and new horizon for our Association. We urge upon to use this as a tool to contact this Association for any question/problem concerning the Association and its activities.

NEA Objective
  • (i)To bring together entrepreneurs of Noida under a unified organization.
  • (ii)To help to promote development of Industries and allied facilities in Noida
  • (iii)To develop a spirit to co-operation among entrepreneurs in all matters of mutual interest pf members.
  • (iv)To provide facilities for exchange of useful information and opinion for mutual interest of member.
  • (v) To hold and participate in meetings, conferences, conventions exhibitions etc.
  • (vi) To organize common facilities for members.
  • (vii) To co-operate, with such other institutions/associations, organizations for the benefit of members and with this in view to affiliate with other organizations.
  • (viii) To attain those advantages by united action which a member may not be able to accomplish in its/ his individual capacity.
  • (ix) To make representations to Government or other bodies and to obtain representation and to represent Noida Entrepreneurs on any Committees, Commissions, or other similar organizations or bodies for the purpose.
  • (x) To publish, issue magazines, books, periodicals leaflets and such literature as may be found necessary.
  • (xi) To aid or to receive aid from any other Society, Association, Company, Government or other such body, corporation or firm with a view to obtain advantage or benefit for the purpose of the Association and to subscribe to any fund or institution as may be considered deserving from time to time.
  • (xii)To acquire by purchase, lease, or otherwise, land building or other properties movable and immovable as the Association from time to time may think fit.
  • (xiii) To use its surplus fund to carry out the objects of the Association or any of them.
  • (xiv) To appoint staff for carrying on the business of the Association and to grant and disburse wages, bonuses, pension, allowances, gratuities for employees, or ex- employees of the Association or the dependents of such persons, to do such other thing or things to advance the interest of such persons.
  • (xv) To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the Association’s objects.
  • (xvi) And generally to do such other or similar acts which may be deemed necessary for the achievement of above objects.

Classes of members, subscription & procedure for membership.
  • There shall be three classes of members:
  • (a) Member:
  • (i)A person, firm or body corporate, who is running an industry within the NOIA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and has been allotted/ transferred a plot/ shed by the Authority will be entitled to become a MEMBER of the Association.
  • (ii)A Proprietor/ Partner/Director of any old member unit who proposes to run a new unit, has been allotted a plot and has started construction, then he is entitled to make his new unit as a Member of the Association with the same entitlement as the old member unit.
  • In case the unit is sold, the membership will automatically cease from the date of sale of the unit.
  • (b) Associate Member
  • (i)A person, firm or body corporate who proposes to run and has been allotted a plot/shed for running an Industry in the NOIDA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX then it shall be entitled to become an Associate Member.
  • (ii)A person, firm or body corporate who is successfully running an industrial unit in rented building in Noida for a minimum period of 3 years and assessed by Trade Tax Department for manufacturing sale shall be entitled to become an Associate Member.
  • (iii)A person, firm or body corporate engaged in trade or carrying on business or rendering professional services or such other person or organization whom the Executive Committee may consider to be eligible can be enrolled as Associate Member.
  • An Associate Member will neither have the right to propose nor second an office bearer/Executive Committee Member nor have any right to vote or hold office or be a member of General Body or Executive Committee.
  • (c) Enterace Fee and Annual Subscription:

    Category Entrance Fee Annual Subscription
    i) Member Rs. 3000/- Rs.3000/-
    ii) Associate Member Rs. 3000/- Rs.3000/-

  • PROVIDED that the Executive Committee may vary, alter and enhance the rates of entrance fee and subscription payable by different classes and groups of members or any of them as and when deemed fit and necessary.
Annual General Meeting/General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting will be held every year. The Annual General Meeting will be held in the month of May with at least ten days notice given to members of the meeting. These meetings can be postponed by a month in very special circumstances by the Executive Committee by a special resolution. At the Annual General Meeting Annual Report, Annual Audited Accounts and new proposals are placed for approval.

General meeting will be held every year in the month of October. with at least ten days notice given to members of the meeting. This meeting can be heald in argent manner too. with perior information to the members.